Question by retep1510: who actually uses challenge coins in todays military?
How common are they? have they been overused?

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Answer by Jeff Spicoli
I've never used mine. It seems rather pointless.

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3 Responses to “Who Actually Uses Challenge Coins in Todays Military”
  1. USAFisnumber1 says:

    Most people just collect them and stick them in a display case to show who they may have met, or what unit they were with or who they did a favor to. I got one from a four star general and short of one from either the Chief of Staff, Sec of Air Force/Navy/Army/etc or the President, no one can beat me. But for it to do me any good, I have to carry it around all the time so I have it when drinks are available. Not really worth the effort. So I have it in the top notch of my display case.

    (I do know one guy who uses them as “throwing stars.” May not have the points but getting hit in the head with a one ounce coin has got to hurt.)

  2. Mrsjvb says:

    Senior Flag Officers still seem to use them frequently.

    the occasional CO keeps a few in his desk drawer for on the spot Bravo Zulus. Of course I also know a CO who kept NAMs like that too..

  3. Malruhn says:

    I’ve got over 100 of them from my two-plus decades of service.

    I have two in my pockets right now – one is a Bravo-Zulu (Good job) coin from my Chiefs’ Mess (I’m the Chief of the Mess), and one is my Master Chief’s coin. The BZ coin is to hand out as appropriate – the other is to keep from having to buy drinks.

    They are still pretty common.