Question by Heather M: where can i find information about USAF coins that I have?
While cleaning out my granny's new house we found many Air Force coins and medals left there by the previous tenant. I have about 5 here with me and was looking for information about what they mean or what they are worth. We don't plan on selling them.. just curious. I have looked at 'challenge coin' websites, but those have not helped me at all. If you can help please do. if you need 2 see pictures email me @ and enter USAF as the subject. Thank you.

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Answer by Mark
cash value - none
im sure the original owner might want them back

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2 Responses to “Where Can i Find Information About Usaf Coins That i Have”
  1. Warbird Pilot says:

    You should try the owner, they aren’t worth anything unless they are yours and I have some that you have to have done certain things to be eligible for (meaning I wouldn’t flash them around). Failing any of that, if you have a base near by, try the NCO organization or any of the flying squadrons, they might be of help.

  2. John says:

    Many of these types of coins are produced by units or individuals in command positions and used as an award for a job well done. When you get one from a general or cabinet level individual like the Secretary of Defense or one of the Secretary’s of the individual services then that is a real biggie. Just send me a photo of the coins and I can probably get you some background on the unit it came from and their general function and you can e-mail via this forum.