Question by diane w: where can i find army challenge coins for parents?

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Answer by nighttime_ran
I would try It a on-line military supply store.Good Luck.

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3 Responses to “Where Can i Find Army Challenge Coins For Parents”
  1. kelannde says:

    Actually, you might try (spelled properly)

    You could also google “challenge coins” or look on Ebay. T

  2. cf031inf_grunt says:

    Don’t know about the US,. but in Canadian military units, only the soldier that has passed the training and been posted to a specific unit (ie: a specific Regiment, the Canadian Airborne Regiment or as a Specialist trade in a Jump Company) is permitted to hold a challenge coin and use it. They are serialized for identification and if you have one you are not entitled to, well, accidents do happen to the unfortunate.

  3. Etah says:

    There are some pretty decent ones at this website: I especially like the ones that say, “Thanks for all you did for me” and then have Military Mom or Military Dad on there.