Question by allies_vs_axis: What is the speech given when presenting a challenge coin?
I've heard several different officers give the same monologue while presenting a challenge coin to a soldier, even though these officers have never met. Is there some sort of standardized or widely accepted speech when presenting a challenge coin or is this just coincidence? If there is, what is it?
This speech was when the commanding officer or other high ranking official was first presenting the challenge coin to an individual, not challenging an existing coin holder or group of coin holders.

The nature of the speech was something along the lines of how and why challenge coins are given in the military, and then some sort of "I present this coin to you..." bit after that.

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Answer by Kojak
Been using my challenge coin for years..... not aware of any specific speech..... I have seen people challenged in the shower.... and even once on the bottom of a swimming pool in Grenada...... I would be interested in the "challenge speech" you heard..... maybe it is a custom in a specific unit????

Vietnam veterans have a "code" you might find interesting

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  1. doublerranch74851 says:

    What was the natue of the speech? What was it about?