Question by cghelo65: What are some of the challenge/command coins that you've earned?
What are some of your highest ranking, favorite, most prized coins that you have received. Please don't post nasty answers, I have my fair share of coins and I'm not trying to be disrespectful, I'm just curious.
Any stories behind them, or how you got them would be great

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Answer by airborneshsu
I have many....and many stand out in my head, however I'd say my most prized if you will, is the one I was handed by GEN Peter Schumacher.

The things that man did in his career were amazing.

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One Response to “What Are Some of The Challenge/command Coins That You’ve Earned”
  1. alexander m says:

    no clue, always gave mine away to the first newbie i passed… if you think i did something good and you wanna give me a coin for it, give me a few quarters for a soda.