Question by Living In Korea: Returning Historical Artifacts -?
A few days ago when cleaning out a box in my closet, I came across some Korean Coins that I purchased from a fellow Soldier (in the military) some 30-odd years ago.

They were found with a Metal Detector at the old U.S. Military site formerly known as FOC South, located on Namsan, a short distance from Namsan Tower. This site is still there, identified (last time I saw) by an orange-colored antenna.

Although I could probably sell them for some profit, I decided that I would like to return them to the South Korean Government, hopefully, for displaying in one of their (Seoul) historical museums.

Could anybody provide me with internet links (in English) so that I may get started with possibly getting these historical Coins returned to the South Korean Government?

Any links, information, or advice is appreciated.

What a fantastic answer!

I never thought of this way for returning these ancient coins.

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Answer by Sunny
Sir, I am deeply touched by your cordial mind. Sincerely, I appreciate it as one Korean. The Bank of Korea will be good for you. Go to and there is "Contact Us" link on bottom left. You can e-mail them. The Bank of Korea opreates a museum about ancient paper and coin money. Thank you again.

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  1. Lexico says:

    There’s also a currency museum (gov’tal):
    as well as the National Folk’s Museum: (webpage currently under rennovation or some major maitenance, obviously).