Question by Jerry P: Police challenge coins?
Hello im graduating the police academy soon and I want to buy saint michael challenge coins for my class. Almost all the web sites I found want to charge a die setup fee. Does anyone know of a website that has pre made coins done and are around .00 per coin?

Thank you

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Answer by pikachuflatulates
Cute idea, but there are some problems:

1. Worshiping graven images is a no-no according to the commandments.
2. Did God make him a saint, or did humans decide he was a saint?
3. I would give them a King James Bible--it actually explains how to be protected, and also how to get guaranteed "everlasting life" in paradise. Churches that worship saints will not give you this information. If you died tomorrow, do you know for a fact that you will be in heaven? If not, then your church isn't teaching you what is in the Bible.

email me if you need help with this

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2 Responses to “Police Challenge Coins”
  1. will i says:

    No, but a police challenge coin sounds like a good idea to me. Give every citizen a coin, good for one free police challenge. It would stop cops from stereotyping, profiling and trying to meet their quotas. Some cops just plain have a bad attitude. They then look for innocent people to take out their attitudes on, based on whatever criteria they are searching for. When a cop messes w/ you just because he’s a A HOLE, you could use your challenge coin. Everybody gets one every 5 years. If you win your challenge, you get another one. Every upheld challenge results in the officers 1 year suspension and loss of wages. Boom! No more D*ckheaded cops with something to prove. Just like the challenge flag in football. Refs are wrong, cops are wrong, why shouldn’t they be held accountable? Is it really more important to get the right calls in a game? or in real life?

  2. ahsoasho2u2 says:

    St Michael the Archangel is the Patron Saint of Police as he overthrew Lucifer into hell.
    KJV JUDE 1:9