Question by tobeconn44: Marine Corps Question!!!?
what does it mean if higher ranking marine awards you with a coin? I think they're called challenge coins? It has their rank and United States marine Corps on it.
Is a gunnery Sgt. a high rank?
what do these coins symbolize? If anything? is this something important or just something that marines trade off and on? please look at other extened details

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Answer by theshinynickel
Ok...yea they can be used as challenge coins....basically if you were at a bar or anywhere there's drinks with a Marine and one of you whips out a Challenge coin then the Marine who has the highest ranking coin on him wins a drink...the loser buys.

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One Response to “Marine Corps Question”
  1. Brook says:

    Sorry, I am “old Corps” and this must be a new corps thing. I am interesting in hearing about it too.

    The only coins given away in the old corps was when you were the first enlisted man to salute a newly commisioned officer. My brother gave me a silver dollar when I was the first enlisted man to salute him. I got 2 others that day, but I sold those 2.