Question by NykkiRose: Is it ok to buy my husband a Military Challenge Coin to encourage him to reach his goals?
I know the story behind the coins, and what they are used for.. He has set a career goal for himself and I want to buy him a coin to encourage him to reach that goal. I just want to make sure it won't break any kind of "rules" or anything.

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Answer by Sgt K
Thats fine you can buy him a coin....

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4 Responses to “Is it ok to Buy my Husband a Military Challenge Coin to Encourage Him to Reach His Goals”
  1. Colin says:

    There’s no “set” rules to challenge coins. They are typically for people who have earned them for one reason or another. He just better be prepared to answer questions if a military member sees it. Or buy lots of beer if he happens to drop it in a bar.

  2. Yogi says:

    What rule would be broken none hat I have ever heard of. I have known lots of guys and me that carry one in my pocket. Who is going to see it? It is a very sweat thing to do.

  3. Sgt. says:


  4. Mrsjvb says:

    not a rule technically, but they are generally not given out UNTIL they have done something Bravo Zulu-ish.