Question by Dre: I need info on a presidential coin/token?
I have a coin/token I found and have found no info on it online. It has Rutherford B. Hayes portrait on one side (facing forward) with his name on the top half circle and "1877 - 19th President of the United States - 1831" on the bottom half circle. On the back it says his name "BORN OCT 4 1822 UNION CIVIL WAR (a year I cant see) LOST IN POPULAR VOTE BUT WON ELECTORAL VOTE 1ST PRESIDENT TO HAVE A TELEPHONE IN WHITE HOUSE DIED JAN. 17, 1893"
re: this pic
The coin has Hayes's portrait but he's facing forward so you see his whole face, not a profile. And the coin is rather light, like the same material as a penny.

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Answer by Jay
this one?

its called a political coin

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