Question by GOD: Does anyone know where i can find values for united states marine corps coins? Google isn't helping me.?
I guess they are called challenge coins....I remember they were sold to us on occasion.i got mine free..wonder if they have any cash value or they are only as valuable as their collectability (or lack there of )

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Answer by Mark
its called a challenge coin....and its basically worthless (maybe .00 each)

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2 Responses to “Does Anyone Know Where i Can Find Values For United States Marine Corps Coins Google Isn’t Helping me”
  1. Monty S says:

    no they have no cash value there more a collectible coin then legal tender coins.

  2. Kojak says:

    Challenge coins can be found much cheaper as makers are becoming more plentiful in today’s collectible market. Common coins can be found for less than US$5 each, while others will run over US$100 each if they are rare authentic coins from a high ranking military officer.

    I carry a Special Forces Challenge Coin at all times…. I have used it several times to expose posers trying to claim they were Green Berets…..

    Your challenge coin’s value is subject to several factors (quantity, colors, textures….etc ) my advice for you is to go to a big book store (Barnes & Noble etc)…. go to the collectibles section and find a Mallory’s Register…. look up “Militaria” … You will find listing for all kinds of experts….dealers, Collectors, Museums, and Auction Houses… there will be emails and phone numbers…. contact one or more of these experts in challenge coins…. they are usually very helpful…. remember the value is base on the market…. selling in a small town will not get you as good a price as selling in a big city…. Good Luck