Question by brookiecookie: Do you think we should make a piece of paper money or coin with Barack Obama on it?
Barak Obama has recently made our nation's history. On January 19, he officially became our first African American president, therefore I feel he should have his place on his own piece of paper or coin money. What do you think?

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Answer by Hater Police
No. You realize that sort of honor comes after your dead, right?

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18 Responses to “Do You Think we Should Make a Piece of Paper Money or Coin With Barack Obama on it”

    Ya lets make toilet paper so I can wipe my @$$ with his face!

  2. skonch01 says:

    oh jeez…

  3. zil28ennov says:

    I think it’s time we stop looking at color. He’s just another person. If he does something great as a president then maybe he should be considered for being portrayed on money of some sort. But until then, things are okay the way they are.

  4. NOBAMA says:

    No, don’t be ridiculous.
    Bill Clinton was our first African American President.

  5. black-beauty92 says:

    Maybe in the future, it would be pretty neat since he made history.

  6. Lyrik says:

    hellz yeah….hopefully before he dies though……because aparently thats why they do it. But yeah he made history…let him be on like….the 2 cent coin….or a $25 bill…..yeah…..

  7. spaz says:

    whichever would be cool he’s already got his own commemorative coins that I’ve seen playing on the T.V. awhile ago I’m not sure if their still selling them or not.

  8. Steve M says:

    I have a though for the photo. Lets have obama climb the highest mountain, then find a cliff, let him jump and we can use the splat he makes as the photo.

    Or just take a photo of dog crap. and we could use that.

  9. lisa_fsdc says:

    I’m not surprised by the person named “I’m gonna eat your babies” doesn’t say much about his comment!!! I think it would be great to have money with Obama on it!

  10. Time travler says:

    Why would we do that? only presidents that have done good deserve to be on our money. But you can go out and buy those cheesy Obama coins that they sell in TV guide.

  11. says:

    So he should have his own currency because he is Black?

    When did being BLACK become an accomplishment?

  12. Bryan says:

    To be placed on money is a posthumous honor and denotes a beneficial contribution to the country. Just being elected, regardless of race does not qualify as a beneficial contribution. While it is true that Obama has broken the glass ceiling, and for this he should be recognized, his worth as President is yet to be determined. So my answer is not at this time.

  13. Mrs. Herrera says:

    In the words of MLK.
    “”I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

    Giving him this honor based solely on color would be wrong. Once his presidency is over and his legacy is recognized then it may be appropriate to give him an honor like that, but that usually is not done until post mortem.

  14. rileysmom329 says:

    yeah he made history for being the 1st black president but shouldn’t we wait until he does something great for the country, don’t get me wrong I wanted him to win I think its great this country finally decided to see past someones color but its still way to early to say that he is one of the GREAT presidents, and put him on a pedestal with the presidents that are on our money.

  15. Manjunath A says:

    He might be our African American president…That never depends even he is like our George bush only….our George Washington should remain forever on our Currency..I am sorry if my Answer hurts you

  16. reality rules says:

    What countries currency would you like to see his face on,after he is done we will no longer have dollar bill,s only change like he promised.

  17. snivelb says:

    I am all for Barack Obama BUT I think the honor of being on a coin or money comes after death, When he has something to be recognized for. Because as it stands now, he has broken the regular order of things(Finally) but he is just a man. Give him time and let him prove to this Country what he says he can do. =)

  18. Annie G says:

    So, let me get this straight. You think that just because he’s black he should “have his place” on our money. That’s just about the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. What has he done to deserve such an honor? I find it amazing that you think because of the color of his skin we should “reward” him. Yet, if I said he shouldn’t be on our money because he’s black, you’d call me a racist.