Question by Mrs.W: Anyone know of a challenge coin I can give my husband, because I am so proud and appreciate of him?
Ok so I am an army wife. And I want to find out if anyone knows anything about any coins that a wife can give her husband for feeling so proud and appreciative of everything he has done, including deployments, long hours, hard work etc etc etc. I just want to know if there are any special coins we can purchase for them .

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Answer by Ray
I would just suggest some trashy lingerie.

Edit: Awesome video, Tom! I'm glad we're on the same page.

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7 Responses to “Anyone Know of a Challenge Coin i Can Give my Husband Because i am so Proud And Appreciate of Him”
  1. ►Boogie◄ says:

    Golden star stickers. THERE SO INSPARATIONAL!!!

  2. Mr Puma says:

    Try ebay.

  3. RodSmasn says:

    Challenge coins kind of lose their meaning unless the CO or SgtMaj gives them out. That’s why they’re challenge coins. I’m sure you could go down to the exchange and find one though. there or a local pawn shop.

  4. Ghost of Tom Joad says:

    Give him a challenge coin…
    then touch him on the penis

  5. salamander61687 says:

    I don’t know about coins specifically for that reason, but I have seen coins in most of the exchanges i have been to. What you might want to do is ask his unit if they would allow you to pin his rank next time he gets promoted. Most units allow that sort of thing and I personally think it is the best way to get the wife involved. My wife has pinned all of my rank that I have been state side to recieve.

  6. Mrsjvb says:

    any Uniform shop has Challenge coins.

    that being said, they are less meaningful cuz anyone can buy them.. only the ones GIVEN to you by a superior really count.