Question by melissa g: 19th President, U.S.A. 1887-1881 Coin?
What is the value of something like this.

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Answer by Zach Zumalt
about 25 cents

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2 Responses to “19th President U.s.a 1887-1881 Coin”
  1. sneezewhiz says:

    The 19th President of the USA was Rutherford B Hayes, from 1877-1881.
    He is not on any coins. He is on medals, mostly of the kind given out by gas stations as premiums in the 1960s, but also on collectibles, like Franklin Mint medals.
    You’re better off asking this question in the hobbies and crafts area.

  2. maxf736 says:

    What kind of coin? Penny? Quarter? It varies greatly depending on the condition of the coin. For example an indian head penny from that period could be worth $3 or $50, depending on condition. Morgan Dollars are relatively common and generally not worth more than about $30.

    Check out this site for free info: