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Question by lanegraboricua@att.net: i have a coin of Ruther ford hayes 19th precident of usa from 1877 what would the value be?
the coin in the back says: Rutherford B Hayes born in Oct.4.1822. union civil war hero. lost:in popular vote but won electoral vote;1st president to have telephone in white house. Died:Jan 17.1893. and in the front says his name and the years he was president of u.s.a and it says 19th president of the united state of America 1877 ti"l 1881

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Answer by Monc
1.) question belongs in hobbies

2.) sounds like a commemorative coin, so it would depend on when it was created. It is not legal tender at any rate.

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Question by Mrs.W: Anyone know of a challenge coin I can give my husband, because I am so proud and appreciate of him?
Ok so I am an army wife. And I want to find out if anyone knows anything about any coins that a wife can give her husband for feeling so proud and appreciative of everything he has done, including deployments, long hours, hard work etc etc etc. I just want to know if there are any special coins we can purchase for them .

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Answer by Ray
I would just suggest some trashy lingerie.

Edit: Awesome video, Tom! I'm glad we're on the same page.

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Question by k9peppo: Hello. I'm looking for China manufacturer who makes "velvet challenge coin display cases"?

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Answer by bware
Check out http://www.alibaba.com/

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Question by tobeconn44: Marine Corps Question!!!?
what does it mean if higher ranking marine awards you with a coin? I think they're called challenge coins? It has their rank and United States marine Corps on it.
Is a gunnery Sgt. a high rank?
what do these coins symbolize? If anything? is this something important or just something that marines trade off and on? please look at other extened details

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Answer by theshinynickel
Ok...yea they can be used as challenge coins....basically if you were at a bar or anywhere there's drinks with a Marine and one of you whips out a Challenge coin then the Marine who has the highest ranking coin on him wins a drink...the loser buys.

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Question by brookiecookie: Do you think we should make a piece of paper money or coin with Barack Obama on it?
Barak Obama has recently made our nation's history. On January 19, he officially became our first African American president, therefore I feel he should have his place on his own piece of paper or coin money. What do you think?

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Answer by Hater Police
No. You realize that sort of honor comes after your dead, right?

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Question by Bill Board: What should I collect when visiting states/countries?
I'm in the USMC, so I've definitely done more traveling in the past year alone than I've done in my entire life. I leave for Chile next month, and that will probably be my only time there. Nothing like stamps or coins, and shot glasses is nice but over done. Was thinking dirt like in Saving Private Ryan?

Any suggestions?

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Answer by So i herd u liek mudkipz
you can collect STDs

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Question by retep1510: who actually uses challenge coins in todays military?
How common are they? have they been overused?

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Answer by Jeff Spicoli
I've never used mine. It seems rather pointless.

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Question by Zaiden: Question about USMC Boot Camp?
i want to join the marines but i have a few question about boot camp if someone who is a marine and knows first hand how tough boot camp is could answer a few questions that be great first im not afraid of being physically sick and im already use to having to adjust my sleep schedule to meet any schedule at the flip of a coin but im wondering what are some things that are good to memorize before hand ive already started to try to memorize the hymn and 2nd is there any physical workouts i could do to help me pass the physical tests and such and 3rd what are chances of someone actually failing out of boot camp or do they just quit i know the drill sergeant's job is to weaken you and im not afraid of failure but being kicked out because of that's an entirely different story i don't have cash to go buy one of those prepare yourself books so im basically prepping myself off wiki and Research

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Answer by J D
Start by learning that the Marine Corps doesn't have drill sergeants, they have drill instructors or DI's.

Things to memorize are rank structure and your 11 general orders.

You get plenty of sleep in recruit training. The only time they deprive you of sleep is at the very end during the Crucible. What may be sleep depriving is infantry training. If it is in NC in the winter it is cold and if it rains you will be sleeping in water because they don't let you trench your tents due to the number of people trained.

Most people graduate, only 10-12% don't make it.

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Question by Dre: I need info on a presidential coin/token?
I have a coin/token I found and have found no info on it online. It has Rutherford B. Hayes portrait on one side (facing forward) with his name on the top half circle and "1877 - 19th President of the United States - 1831" on the bottom half circle. On the back it says his name "BORN OCT 4 1822 UNION CIVIL WAR (a year I cant see) LOST IN POPULAR VOTE BUT WON ELECTORAL VOTE 1ST PRESIDENT TO HAVE A TELEPHONE IN WHITE HOUSE DIED JAN. 17, 1893"
re: this pic
The coin has Hayes's portrait but he's facing forward so you see his whole face, not a profile. And the coin is rather light, like the same material as a penny.

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Answer by Jay
this one?


its called a political coin

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Question by Heather M: where can i find information about USAF coins that I have?
While cleaning out my granny's new house we found many Air Force coins and medals left there by the previous tenant. I have about 5 here with me and was looking for information about what they mean or what they are worth. We don't plan on selling them.. just curious. I have looked at 'challenge coin' websites, but those have not helped me at all. If you can help please do. if you need 2 see pictures email me @ lovinlivin2008@yahoo.com and enter USAF as the subject. Thank you.

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Answer by Mark
cash value - none
im sure the original owner might want them back

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